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The Marketing Challenge:
Samkhya Analytica is a Bangalore based start-up founded by academics from the Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore and other leading institutions. The firm offers high-end consulting and solution development in the analytics modeling, econometrics and related domains. As a start-up looking to take its unique strengths and value proposition to the market, Samkhya Analytica’s management was looking to:
  • Define a clear positioning strategy viz. competing analytics services and products in the market.
  • Effectively communicate its unique value proposition through professionally developed marketing communications and branding.
In November 2008, Samkhya Analytica hired Intermedia Global to come up with a solution.

Intermedia Global Solution Approach:
Based on the detailed brief and several sessions of intensive interactions with Samkhya’s management team the company’s strengths, business model and the competitive landscape were understood. Next, Samkhya’s long-term vision was looked at to determine current and future desired positioning

Finally, based on an understanding of client engagement process and buying criteria analysis, specific recommendations were made to Samkhya’s management. This included:

  • Logo and brand identity re-design to reflect the superiority of Samkhya’s value proposition.
  • Articulation of the distinctive ‘positioning’ and ‘value proposition’ through marketing communications tools – marketing collateral, whitepapers, industry- solutions brochures and content-rich website.
Solution Set:
As part of the on-going branding and communications development for Samkhya Analytica, Intermedia Global has delivered the following:
  • A re-designed logo along with the attendant identity kit – business cards, stationery design, PowerPoint and Word document templates to reflect an integrated, consistent and professional visual identity.
  • Development of the “Future-Ready Analytics” positioning to capture the essence of Samkhya’s differentiation viz. standard analytics solutions.
  • Development of the ‘Service Offerings” brochure to aid marketing and client engagement processes.
Client Feedback:
“Dear Dhananjay,
Just a personal message from me. I have been going through various rounds of communications between my colleagues and your firm and the extensive work you have done on our brand identity development. Thanks very much. I really appreciate the interest you have taken and also the speed at which you delivered the product.”

Dr T. Krishna Kumar,Ph.D.(Iowa State)
Managing Director, Samkhya Analytica India Pvt Ltd

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